Southern Illinois University's School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies (ISAT) offers classes that prepare students for careers in Information Security and Information Assurance. In these courses students will learn and practice skills in the areas of programming, networking, system administration, and virtualization technologies.

ISAT information assurance classes tie fundamental concepts and materials together in hands-on lab environments that simulate real world network environments and topologies.These labs give students an opportunity to take what they learn and apply it in on real hardware and software.

As a student in one of the ISAT security and networking tracks you will develop skills in server and system administration, create and secure a realistic, but simulated enterprise network, create a mock ISP infrastructure, and learn how to effectively implement project planning techniques and tools.

The future of Information Technology is consistently changing. With the tools and skills learned at ISAT you will be ready to confront the current and continuing threats to information systems.
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